Victorian Engagement Rings & Rings
February 24, 2021

Victorian Engagement Rings & Rings

The pre-owned jewellery world is constantly evolving. You might think this a strange idea given that we're not actually manufacturing anything new! But if you think about it, our collections consist of pieces that could literally come from the beginning of time!

We curate from a vast supply of jewellery. One of the things we have started to showcase in a big way are Victorian gemstone & old cut diamond rings. Though many people will be looking at these rings as engagement rings, we feel their design, often multi-stone with a mixture of gems and diamonds creates a more flexible offering.

What's more, these rings are eminently stackable - a thoroughly modern take on antiques!

With very few exceptions our collection consists of only 18k gold (we're a bit snobby like that ;-)) And of course we thoroughly check gemstones and diamonds. Whilst there may be many other Victorian rings on the market, it is a very small number that qualify to be retailed by us.

We've also concentrated our prices below £1000 to provide more diversity for our customers.

And finally do these rings remind you of tempting sweets in a sweet shop or is it just me?

Victorian Diamond Gemstone Engagement Rings