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Finance & Payment Options

 Bloomsbury Manor Payment Plan

We offer a range of payment options:

  1. Use your Visa, Mastercard or Amex credit or debit card through our secure checkout
  2. We also accept payment via Paypal (on request)
  3. You can make a direct bank transfer to us – just ask for our bank details
  4. Our Payment Plan provides an instalment finance option at 0% interest:
Payment Plan
This interest free option is perfect if you’d like to spread payments over a period of months. It’s sometimes called a ‘layaway’ plan. It does not require credit checking or references, and can be used for most of our stock items.
It works simply. You pay a 20% non-refundable deposit for the item, which is then marked 'sold' on our site, and reserved for you. The item remains in our high-security vault, fully insured. You pay the balance in equal instalments over a period of six months, or sooner if you wish.
Once the final payment is received, your item is despatched (or you can collect) in the usual way.
No interest charges, no fees, no forms, no credit history checking.
Please ask us for more details.