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Expensive jewellery items, like Tiffany & Co. Engagement Rings, are not easy to sell, typically taking 6 – 12 months to achieve their maximum potential price.

When selling privately, there’s a significant risk you won’t achieve the price you're hoping for. Private sellers regularly achieve prices on eBay of only half their potential value, and are left very disappointed.

Our Concierge Service (sometimes known as ‘consignment selling’), ensures you maximise the sales price of your jewellery.

We also offer safety and security. You probably don’t want strangers visiting your house to view your jewellery. But many customers do want to examine items before they buy.

By dealing through Bloomsbury Manor, we provide you and your potential buyers the security and professional customer service needed when selling expensive jewellery.

    Concierge Service – features

    Our Concierge Service provides a full, professional Sales Management Service covering the entire marketing and sales process and all customer relationship management.

    What we offer you with our Concierge Service:

    • Fully insured collection, delivery and high-security vault storage of your item
    • Professional cleaning, servicing and polishing
    • Professional photography and video
    • Multi-channel online & social media advertising
    • Marketing services and pricing strategies
    • Sales negotiation
    • Secure payments & anti-fraud services

    What we offer customers who want to buy your jewellery:

    For customers, there are considerable advantages to buying from Bloomsbury Manor.

    • Online & telephone help and support
    • Unmatched reputation for quality, authenticity & service
    • Viewing appointments in secure, modern Central London office
    • Secure payments & anti-fraud services
    • Free of charge re-sizing service
    • 30-day no-quibble returns policy
    • Insured, tracked national & international delivery

    Concierge Service – benefits

    By selling using our Concierge Service, you ensure that:

    • Maximise the sales price of the ring
    • Reduce risk of selling under value
    • Compete effectively with professional jewellery houses
    • Provide guarantees that encourage sales
    • Offer services to customers to support the sale
    • No risks of dealing with strangers in your house

    Concierge Service – fees

    It’s quite simple. We return 70% of the achieved sales price to you, retaining 30% to cover all our costs.

    Because we expect to sell at up to twice what you’d achieve, you stand to gain a considerable sum. If, for example, we sell your item for £5,000, you earn £3,500. That’s £1,000 more than you’re likely to sell it for yourself.

    Our discretion and judgement are applied to pricing strategies, based on our knowledge, expertise and understanding of the marketplace.

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