Used, Second Hand or Pre-owned Tiffany Engagement Rings?
March 04, 2021

Used, Second Hand or Pre-owned Tiffany Engagement Rings?

It's almost a no brainer - would you want to pay up to 50% less for Tiffany Engagement ring? The answer must be a resounding "Yes". The tide is with you too. Pre-owned jewellery is not only more acceptable than it once was, but because it's sustainable, it has become more desirable. Figures from a report show that the pre-owned luxury goods market grew at a rate of 12% per year between 2014-19.


As this market grows so does the number of operators in the market. With our 10 years of operating in this segment we are now veterans in selling Tiffany & Co & Cartier engagement rings. In that time we have seen the market grow and blossom and evolve. We have also evolved. We have worked with many goldsmiths and polishers in our time and now have a group of people working for us that are literally the best in the business. This helps us deliver a ring to you that minimises the difference between old and new.

When a ring arrives with us our buyer will check the ring. It's possible that the setting might need attention. For instance, the claws might be loose. The ring will then be sent to either our goldsmith or our polisher, depending on what it needs. Once ready it will be in "Proposal Ready" condition. We coined this phrase in 2013, other people copied it, this annoyed us a little but we realise that they copy because "Proposal Ready" tells you everything.

Hard wearing metals such as platinum and gold can be re-polished to a mirror-like finish. It is this very property of the metals that makes them so desirable in the first place! Since our rings usually contain diamonds they are well placed at around 2 billion years old to have a second incarnation! Many people do not realise this but diamonds are recycled all the time. Why would they be? They are the hardest natural substance known to man.

If you're asking yourself whether there is any difference at all between buying new vs pre-owned then we have to be honest. We don't have a store than cost millions to design and decorate and at this current point in time we don't have the ability to offer you a glass of champagne when browsing, though if we could we definitely would.