Professional Expertise

Diamond Specialists

At Bloomsbury Manor, we take our work very seriously. Occasionally clients ask us about our expertise – a reasonable question, given the not insubstantial sums of money often at stake when purchasing fine jewellery.

Customers are of course reassured by our reputation, gained through over 20 years' experience buying and selling luxury brand and antique fine jewellery. Since 2011, when the business started, we've sold over five hundred Tiffany & Co. Engagement Rings and thousands of other jewellery pieces.

We've collated a huge database of product images, precious stone macro-photography as well as certification and other provenance-related imagery, and detail. This all serves as an unparalleled resource to assist with identification and authentication.

In addition, our Director and Buyer, Meritxell Lavanchy, is a fully qualified Diamond Specialist with a double distinction in her DGA Diamond Diploma from the prestigious Gemmological Association of Great Britain, established in 1908. This professional qualification is recognised across the world.

When thinking about buying a piece of fine jewellery, it's always good to know you're buying from a professionally qualified seller.

Our Diamond Specialist inspects an Engagement Ring by Tiffany & Co.

GEM-A Distinction DGA Diploma

Receiving DGA Diploma at Goldsmiths Hall Gem-A