Tiffany Employee in Mauritius
April 18, 2024

Looking for Natural Diamonds? Look no further than Tiffany & Co

Recently, we have noticed that customers are gravitating towards Tiffany & Co in search of a guarantee that they are buying natural diamonds, formed deep in the earth's crust, billions of years ago. Whilst lesser known brands and outlets have dabbled with synthetic diamonds in the bridal space, Tiffany & Co, true to its foundations in luxury has stuck to natural diamonds with an enormous investment in sustainability and traceability.

Tiffany & Co is a founding member of the Initiative for Responsible Mining Assurance and in 2019 launched the Diamond source initiative which provides provenance for every diamond over 0.18ct they sell. In addition, Tiffany & Co operates a vertical supply chain with its own workshops across Belgium, Botswana, Mauritius, Cambodia and Vietnam. These workshops operate within Tiffany & Co's own very high working conditions and standards.

Tiffany & Co is working towards a net zero target in 2040, a whole 10 years before the UN target. Tiffany & Co is a rare company that manages to sync economic development and sustainability ideals. Perhaps, Tiffany & Co is itself a diamond of a company?