Tiffany & Co Engagement Ring Price
September 10, 2018

Tiffany & Co Engagement Ring Price

Are you in love with Tiffany Engagement Rings? It is hard to imagine anyone being able to better Charles Lewis Tiffany's 1886 iconic setting. With it's raised prongs to maximise radiance it is easy to forget how radical this now classic design once was. 
Billions of dollars worth of Tiffany engagement rings are sold each year and the market is still growing, especially in the Far East. So, what can you expect to pay for a new Tiffany engagement ring or a pre-owned one?
The great news is that a pre-owned ring would set you back around 40-70% of the original RRP. With their attention to design and detail Tiffany & Co engagement rings are not the cheapest but then nor are Rolls Royces.
A 1.55ct H/VS1 would cost around £27,500 from Tiffany & Co, compared to a 1.70ct I/VS1 from us which costs £16,500.
At the lower end a .51ct I/VS2 ring from Tiffany would cost around £4700 new and £3200 from us.
As you can see there are savings to be made from buying pre-owned