Hand polishing an engagement ring at Bloomsbury Manor
September 27, 2018

What's the difference between Proposal-Ready™ and secondhand Cartier & Tiffany & Co. Engagement Rings?

So, you've decided you want to go the pre-owned Tiffany or Cartier route. So now it's time to find the best price, right? Well, perhaps wrong! You see, not all pre-owned luxury jewellery vendors are equal and not all rings are equal.

Whether you're looking at a purchase from an individual or a re-seller, there is the vitally important condition of the ring to consider.

Here at Bloomsbury Manor, we make sure all our engagement rings are sold in Proposal Ready™ condition. The difference between Proposal Ready and plain old second-hand is huge. Imagine the difference between buying a newly serviced car with a dealers warranty or one that has just sat on someone's driveway.

All our rings are offered in a condition that you can be confident of presenting or wearing. Each ring is individually inspected, serviced and polished prior to sale. Servicing and polishing is carried out to the very highest standards by highly experienced jewellers.

Our professional jewellers inspect, clean and adjust everything down to the tips of the claws to ensure they are holding the diamond securely. Without this level of care, you may be buying a diamond ring with a diamond that's about to fall out.

You can be confident that with Bloomsbury Manor, each diamond ring we sell holds its diamonds as secure as they day they were first sold, giving you absolute piece of mind.

After servicing, each ring is lovingly polished to extremely high standards. Our jewellers work for the very best, including Graff and Asprey. When the work is complete, our diamonds dazzle and our shanks shine, for that Proposal Ready™, new-in-the-box look.

And remember, our free re-sizing is second to none! We can generally re-size most rings to any size! Our artisan jeweller will re-size your ring invisibly using exactly the same techniques that Tiffany & Co, use.

Think carefully before buying pre-owned from anyone else.Only our 30-day returns policy and professional craftsmanship ensures you get the very best Proposal Ready™  Engagement Rings by Cartier, Tiffany & Co. and more.