March Birthstone Aquamarine  - Tiffany & Co Oval Ring
February 25, 2018

March Birthstone Aquamarine - Tiffany & Co Oval Ring

The molecular structure of Aquamarine, a type of beryl of which Emerald is another variety, is perhaps not as beautiful as the gemstone itself, but is nonetheless interesting. It seems amazing that a basic combination of Beryllium, Silicon, Aluminium and Oxygen can create such sensational stones.

In the flesh beryl presents in hexagonal crystals. Colours include red, green (Emerald), blue and yellow. Normally free from inclusions, aquamarines are cut into largish stones to emphasise the clear blue green hue. 

The birthstone for March is said to keep sailors safe at sea. Aquamarines certainly can transport you to a vision of oceanic serenity.

If you have a March birthday coming up, why not pick a mesmerising 4.26ct Tiffany & Co Oval Aquamarine ring with baguette cut diamonds? And be transported to the Caribbean or Maldives in the glint of an eye.