How To Sell Your Tiffany Engagement Ring
February 01, 2018

How To Sell Your Tiffany Engagement Ring

Do you have a Tiffany Engagement ring to sell? You have come to the right place. Bloomsbury Manor Ltd will offer you more than local jewellers and pawnbrokers (we offer 25% to 45% of original purchase price typically) and pay you directly into your bank account within 24 hrs of receipt. Lets explore why the alternatives might not work for you.

A local jeweller is unlikely to be a specialist in Tiffany Engagement rings. As such they will probably offer you a price based on selling the engagement ring on to a specialist or holding on to the item for years which means they will offer you a low price. The pawnbroker is similar though they will not be working on the idea that they will hold the item. In both of these scenarios you will be achieving scrap or near scrap value for your precious jewel - not ideal! 

You could of course decide to sell the ring yourself. This is absolutely fine but a couple of things to consider:- You will be entering the world of the jewellery seller. This means that you should not expect to sell your ring immediately. There is a joke in the jewellery world "You sold something?" What this joke highlights is the fact that jewellery takes a long time to sell, even for "experts" like us. It might be even longer for non experts like you. If you are going to sell the ring yourself you might want to know that the average time to sale in jewellery is around 12-18 months. If you want to cash in earlier than that it might be worth speaking to us instead!

The other thing you might want to consider when thinking about selling your item yourself is safety and security. Do you really want people coming to your house to look at the ring or meeting up in a coffee bar? Most people to want to examine items before they buy and this could prove awkward for you. When selling to a limited company like ours you are able to come to our secure Central London offices which provide you with the safety and security you need when dealing with expensive jewellery. What's more we will transfer the money to you there and then and wait to make sure it's in your account. If you're thirsty we'll even offer you a drink!

Alternatively you may choose our postal service where we will send you an "Agreement to Purchase" via email so that you have a document that states what you will receive. We will then send you a fully paid and insured Special Delivery envelope for you to send your items back to us. As soon as we receive the items the money is paid into your account. Please note that when you submit items to us we will make you a concrete offer, not give you a range or charge fees. Some companies will offer a range so that you are enticed into thinking that you can negotiate the top price. That is not how it works! On inspection it is usually found that your item sits at the bottom of the range and your negotiating power is nil because you're not the only  person with a Tiffany Engagement Ring to sell. Sorry to be blunt but we prefer to be straight. A price and an agreement will yours within 24-48 hrs of submission if you choose to sell to us.

You might be wondering why you only get 25% - 45% of the original purchase price. Here's the rub, once your item has left the Tiffany & Co store it is worth less. Just like a car. A large proportion of the price you originally paid goes towards Tiffany & Co's overheads. What you are left with is a beautiful ring with a beautiful stone but it's not going to be worth 75% of the original price in the secondary market. You need to be conscious of this fact. On the plus side, because it has been made by Tiffany & Co, it does have brand value so at least with us you will not be offered scrap. Not by us anyway!

Are you ready to contact us about selling your Tiffany Engagement Ring? Please use the form below to provide us with the details. Alternatively you can call us on 0207 692 5103 or email for more information. Whatever you choose to do with your ring we wish you the best of luck.