December 09, 2014

Detailed guide to buying a second hand Tiffany & Co. engagement ring online

Buying a second hand Tiffany & Co. engagement ring may be the best thing you ever do!

Diamonds and platinum are two of the most durable substances known to man. Diamonds are already around 4 billion years old when mined - so what's another 5 or 10 years on top of that?

A second hand ring can be as good as new and save you upwards of 25% or more on the original price.

If you are considering buying a second hand Tiffany & Co. engagement ring here is a simple guide as to what you should look for:

1. A guarantee returns policy. Never buy online from anyone who does not offer at least 14 days return. This is the legal minimum in the UK / EU for online sales. Private eBay sellers should be avoided as they do not offer returns, and cannot provide any professional guarantees.

2. Good photography. Without good and clear photographs how will you know what you're looking at? Beware poor photographs as they often hide a multitude of sins!

3. Say no to collection only! Do you really want to pick something up from someone's house you don't know with a wad of cash in your pocket? Certainly not! Fully insured, tracked delivery is the only way to go.

4. Stamps and hallmarks. Every ring should be stamped Tiffany & Co. Pt950 or Tiffany & Co.  750 Pt 950. Occasionally a very old ring might be stamped Tiffany & Co Pt900 IRID or just T & Co. The signature might be worn and depending on the age the letter might look slightly different. The Tiffany & Co. 750 Pt 950 ring has an older version of the signature. Notice how the font is slightly different to the newer Tiffany & Co. Pt950 ?

5. Serial numbers. In around 2000 Tiffany & Co. started placing serial numbers on their rings. In the early days they began with a letter, later on an eight digit number began to be used.

6. If a ring was purchased in the UK it will feature UK hallmarks. These are very small embossed stamps which help authenticate the piece. The assay office who carry out all UK hallmarking will only stamp items with the T & Co. maker's mark is they actually come from Tiffany & Co!

7. Laser inscribed diamond! Since the end of November 2004 Tiffany & Co. has been laser inscribing their diamonds, often on a crown facet. These inscriptions are tiny! They are only viewable by a skilled professional with a 10x magnifying loupe, or using an electronic microscope. If you're in any doubt, ask a professional jeweller to have a look for you. Please remember that pre-2004 rings will not feature laser inscribed diamonds.

8. Certificates. Certificates are often available with second hand Tiffany & Co. engagement rings. The certificate will either come in a Tiffany blue paper wallet or a black leather look wallet. The certificate itself used to be laminated but now is not. The certificate details the principal diamond/s in the ring. It contains all the information about the cut, colour and clarity as well as precise measurements which basically amount to a diamond passport. No two diamonds in the world are the same and no two diamond certificates are either. Whether an older version or a newer one, the certificate should have a raised stamp. The newer (blue wallet) certificates feature a watermark in the centre of the page.

If you have any further questions about Tiffany & Co. engagement rings please leave a comment below and we'll get back to you ASAP. Alternatively, please send an email to

Good luck and happy buying!