November 28, 2014

Who is Tiffany & Co. Lucida woman?

It has been 15yrs since Tiffany & Co. launched the Lucida diamond ring. After decades in development, a diamond cut to twinkle and shed light like the brightest star in a constellation was born. Now that the Lucida is no longer a newcomer but a seasoned member of the Tiffany & Co. engagement ring collection we have decided to cast a spotlight on this most distinct of Tiffany cuts and ponder on the characteristics of the Lucida woman.

The Lucida diamond was and is a trailblazer. A unique cut and revolutionary cut that paradoxically doesn't scream its virtues. It looks magnificent but in a quiet and refined way, shedding light like a flickering candle and quietly drawing in an audience. The Lucida is strong but feminine, dazzling but not showy.

We think that the two women who are most likely to be Lucida women are:


Amal Clooney (nee Alamuddin)

Besides being a Bloomsbury based barrister, Amal epitomises a discreet magnetism and an irresistible glow. She is a Lucida woman par excellence!



Jessica Ennis-Hill

Lovely Jessica is also a Lucida woman. Strong but not overpowering, Jessica brings attention to herself, not because she's a show off but because of her shining qualities. She's another Lucida woman.