April 18, 2014

Sustainable Diamonds - Beauty in Recycling

At Bloomsbury Manor we're passionate about sustainability. We believe that by recycling diamonds we can create something more beautiful and more unique than can be found in any store.

Though not necessarily the first thing that springs to mind when thinking about recycling, diamonds are actually the perfect recyclable material.

Created around 3.3 billion years ago, our planet's hardest natural substance knows a thing or two about longevity!

Diamonds mined a hundred or so years ago, and cut by skilled artisans, exist in their thousands and millions, often unloved or unworn because their settings have become unfashionable.

We feel compelled to re-discover the beauty of these exquisite old cuts (Old Mine, Rose, Old European, Old Cushion) by bringing them out of hiding. Our experts examine each stone individually and decide how to set them to maximise their sparkle and fire. We'll take, fore example, a beautiful Old Cushion Cut with all its charm and individuality and place it centre stage in a new engagement ring setting.

The result is breathtaking! Imagine – a 3.3 billion year old diamond stops off in the Victorian era for a face-lift, and ultimately ends up in a stunning, 21st century creation. Proof of beauty in recycling...

Here are two of our Sustainable Diamonds collection. Ask about other sizes or cuts – we can make rings to order.

Do you have an old diamond you'd like to re-set? Ask about our re-setting service.



Old Mine 0.82ct diamond, 18k rose gold engagement ring

Old Mine 0.72ct diamond, 18k white gold engagement ring