Free Re-sizing

At Bloomsbury Manor we want to make things as easy as possible for our customers. So, we offer a straightforward free re-sizing service for any engagement ring, except where the listing explicitly says that the ring cannot be re-sized.

Not sure of the right size?

Don't worry, we can re-size afterwards. Our re-size promise is good for up to six months after purchase. You are not the first person who doesn't want to spoil the surprise by asking before proposing!

Re-sizing demystified

We're often struck by how little information there is 'out there' about the re-sizing process and, consequently, many of our customers are mystified as to what might happen to their ring should it be re-sized. 

We'll let you into a little secret... Tiffany & Co. only produce engagement rings in one size! Anyone with a ring size greater or less than 5.5 (L) will have their ring re-sized. The process is performed by highly specialist laser welding technique, and the finished outcome creates a completely invisible weld.

For sizing down a small piece of platinum is cut from the back of the shank, and the ends are joined together with platinum. The metal moulds into one and the join simply disappears. For sizing up a piece of platinum is added. There simply is no join as all the metal has fused into one  like a coin.

We could show you before and after pictures – but there would be nothing to see!

We use exactly same technique as Tiffany & Co. and all the prestige jewellery houses. When your ring is re-sized it will be presented to you in 'proposal-ready' condition.

If you have any questions about re-sizing, please write to us at