Victorian Snake / Serpent Necklace in 18k Gold set with Garnets


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This is a truly remarkable Victorian Snake Necklace in 18k Gold (tested), and set with deep red Garnets. A very fine piece, in completely original condition with intricate scroll work and engravings representing the snake's scales. The Garnets have been 'carbuncled'  cut and polished with a smooth convex face  to improve their luminosity.

Unlike many jewellery motifs, the serpent has remained popular since the Greeks and Romans wore coiled snake bracelets or armlets; prominent jewellers like Tiffany & Co. and Bulgari feature the snake in current collections.

However the snake saw a huge resurgence in popularity during the Victorian era. Queen Victoria, a very visible monarch, was of course the impetus behind the fashion for serpent jewellery, which came to symbolise eternal love. Victoria wore a bracelet featuring three intertwined serpents to her first royal council in 1837. And two years later Prince Albert gave Victoria perhaps her with a coiled serpent engagement ring set with her emerald birthstone.

In remarkable condition, our skilled artisans have meticulously cleaned and gently polished this necklace to retain its beautiful original lustre. The clasp sits very securely in place and completes the classic look of the serpent eating its own tail.

The three large Garnets measure 19.27 x 10.72mm, 17.92 x 11.94mm, 16.78 x 10.68mm.

Measuring 16 inches or 40 cm in length, the weight of the necklace is 46.4 grams.

'Pre-loved is ethical and sustainable'