A Guide to Selling your Cartier Engagement Ring

Have you been thinking 'It's time to sell my Cartier Engagement Ring'?

Well, you’ve come to probably the best place to sell your Cartier Engagement ring.

Ready to sell your Cartier Engagement ring? Just complete this simple form.

If you are thinking about selling your Cartier Engagement Ring, Bloomsbury Manor will give you a firm offer online, not an 'estimate', and pay you directly into your bank account within 24 hours of receipt.

Ten reasons to sell your Cartier Engagement Ring to us:

  • Fairness: what we offer is what we’ll pay – beware ‘estimates’ or ‘price ranges’ from other outlets – they usually go down
  • Price: our offer is based on real-time diamond prices & our own market insight; we aim to beat other offers!
  • Speed: we’ll make an instant payment as soon as your item is verified
  • Convenience: bring your items to our Central London office or we’ll pay for delivery
  • Security: items for delivery are fully insured by us. No wandering the streets, no pushy sales staff, and no eBay lottery!
  • Integrity: we buy to sell, to people who’ll love & cherish your piece. We’re not after a quick profit from a trade auction, and we don’t buy to scrap.
  • Transparency: we’re online only, so we keep our overheads low. We don't charge hefty commissions like local Auctioneers, and there are no hidden fees.
  • Trust: our customer reputation is second to none – check out our reviews and see our Google reviews.
  • Choice: to maximise your return, you can opt for our Consignment Service.
  • Passion: we’re a family run, friendly firm, with a love of Cartier, Tiffany & Co. and Bulgari

Five simple steps to sell your Cartier Engagement Ring:

How to sell your Tiffany Engagement ring. Easy 5-step process

Five simple steps explained:

  1. Use this form to send pictures of your Cartier Engagement Ring. Or email photographs to: info@bloomsburymanor.com. Please include pictures of the boxes, diamond certificate and original owner’s paperwork  if you still have them.
  2. Our Buyer will assess the item, usually within 24 hours, and make an offer to you by email based on the information provided.
  3. If you accept, we'll email you an Agreement to Purchase, to sign and return. This confirms ownership and your right to sell.
  4. Next we post you a pre-paid, insured Royal Mail Special Delivery envelope. Pack carefully, take to a Post Office Counter and keep the tracking number. Or, make an appointment to bring it in to our office.
  5. On receipt, we’ll inspect the ring to confirm condition and authenticity, then we make an immediate transfer to your bank account. And remember, you’ll receive the full amount we quoted – no fees, commissions, or hidden charges!

    What to consider before selling your Cartier Engagement Ring

    A local Jeweller is unlikely to be a specialist in Cartier Engagement rings. So they'll offer a low price, hoping to sell the ring on to a specialist (like us), or expecting to stock the item for a long time before it sells.

    Pawnbrokers will also be likely to sell to a specialist. In both cases, you may be offered scrap or near scrap value for your ring – not ideal!

    Your local Auction House will charge sellers 15-20% commission, and Buyers up to 30%, forcing the 'hammer price' artificially low. And then you lose 20% of it.

    You could try to sell the ring to an ‘end-user’. But to sell a pre-owned Cartier Engagement ring typically takes around 12 months even for a specialist. If you need cash more quickly, this is not a viable option!

    Safety and security are also real concerns. Private buyers want to examine items before they buy. Are you happy inviting strangers to your house to look at your expensive ring, or meeting up in a coffee bar?

    When selling your Cartier Engagement ring to Bloomsbury Manor, we provide a fully insured delivery service, or you can visit our Central London office, providing you with the safety and security you need when dealing with expensive jewellery. What's more we’ll transfer the money to you while you're with us.

    If you choose our delivery service, we’ll pay the money into your account immediately the ring is authenticated.

    Some companies give an ‘estimate’ so they can lower the offer on receipt of the ring. Others provide a ‘range’, enticing you into thinking you can negotiate the top price. Invariably your item will sit at the bottom of the ‘range’, and your negotiating power is nil.

    At Bloomsbury Manor we prefer to be honest. We make you a concrete offer, not an ‘estimate’ or a ‘range’, and we do not charge any fees. The amount we offer is the amount you’ll receive if you choose to sell to us.

    Understanding how much your Cartier Engagement ring is worth:

    We’re often asked ‘How much will I get for my Cartier Engagement ring?’. To understand the answer, here are five things you really need to know:

    1. Just like when buying a new car, as soon as you leave the Cartier store your ring is worth less than you just paid.
    2. A large proportion of the original price is for the Cartier name (or brand) and goes towards their considerable overheads.
    3. Bloomsbury Manor sell second hand Cartier Engagement rings for considerably less than original price. Actual selling price is different from advertised price – and it typically takes 12 months to achieve a sale.
    4. If your ring was not by Cartier it would only command scrap value. But because it is a Cartier ring, it retains brand value. So, unlike unbranded, or High Street brand rings, you'll achieve rather more than scrap price!
    5. Typically we will offer between 25% - 45% of original purchase price.

      Sell your Cartier Engagement Ring here. Alternatively, call us on 0207 692 5103 or email pictures and your details to info@bloomsburymanor.com

      Whatever you choose to do with your ring we wish you the best of luck!