About Lovingly Restored

At Bloomsbury Manor, we want to deliver more for our discerning customers. Whether buying pre-owned luxury brand jewellery or an antique sapphire and diamond engagement ring, today’s clients seek authenticity, uniqueness, a rich history, sustainability, and an allure that truly makes a piece stand out.

Royal blue 1.63ct unheated natural sapphire & old cut diamond ring, circa 1920

While Gemstone rings offer a breath-taking alternative to traditional diamond rings, vintage and antique gemstones often bear the marks of time. Now we offer antique sapphire, ruby, emerald and diamond engagement rings restored to their original brilliance.

A Collection Like No Other

Lovingly Restored is a hand-picked collection of vintage and antique gemstone rings. Each one a journey through time, a celebration of craftsmanship, and a promise of enduring elegance. Our collection showcases vintage and antique dress rings and engagement rings, restored to their original splendour.

Our meticulous Lovingly Restored process:

Expert Gemstone Care: We start by un-setting the gemstones and entrust their careful re-polishing to a Master Lapidarist, ensuring they regain their original beauty.


Certification: Every gemstone in our collection is certified by one of our trusted partners, such as the Gem & Pearl Laboratory or GCS. This independent certification guarantees the quality and authenticity of the gemstones.

Comprehensive Assessment: Our skilled team checks for any additional restoration work needed and our Diamond Specialist conducts diamond weighing and grading as necessary.

Restoration Work: Gemstones are reset, and any required restorative work is performed, including a close examination of claws, which are re-tipped if required.

Final Touch: Each piece undergoes a final polishing and a thorough inspection of the workmanship involved to ensure it meets our exacting quality standards.


Unparalleled Restoration

Most vintage and antique gemstone rings don’t undergo the kind of meticulous restoration that defines our Lovingly Restored collection. Our commitment to preserving the beauty, history, and integrity of these pieces sets us apart.


When you choose a Lovingly Restored ring from Bloomsbury Manor, you're experiencing the magic of history, restored to its original brilliance.

Explore our collection and experience the difference for yourself!