New Year - New Collection. Introducing Vintage Pearl
January 27, 2021

New Year - New Collection. Introducing Vintage Pearl

.We wanted to start off 2021 with something fresh. 

Quietly, at the end of 2020 be were bringing together a new collection of vintage cultured pearls, called "Vintage Pearl". Each necklace is individually chosen for characteristics such as pearl lustre, uniqueness and charm. Necklaces are restrung if necessary and presented in a lovely suede look carrying case. 

Our little collection has proved really popular and there is something for everyone, with prices from £150.

We love pearls and think that it's time for pearls to come back in a big way. That is why we've put together this collection for you.

And as usual it is sustainable and ethical.

Take a look at the collection here

Have a look at our little video