Tiffany & Co Diamond Setting Wedding Band


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This 2mm Tiffany & Co wedding band is from the current collection and is described as the Tiffany Setting wedding band. It features 0.17ct of natural diamonds and will compliment any engagement ring perfectly with its delicate band. 

It will not compete or overwhelm an engagement ring.  

Stamped PT 950. With UK hallmarks for platinum.

Size  L. Resizing is possible. Please enquire. Comes with box.

Current RRP is £2,600.

Tiffany & Co. employs a meticulous selection process to ensure their diamonds are of the highest quality. Each diamond is hand-selected by expert gemologists, who assess the stones based on the renowned "Four Cs": Cut, Color, Clarity, and Carat Weight. Tiffany prioritises diamonds with exceptional cuts, which enhance the stone's brilliance and sparkle. The color grading emphasizes near-colorless to colorless diamonds, showcasing their radiant beauty. Clarity is carefully evaluated to ensure that any natural imperfections are minimal and barely perceptible. Carat weight is considered, but not at the expense of the diamond's overall beauty and quality. Tiffany's commitment to sustainability and ethical sourcing further adds to the exclusivity and prestige of their diamonds. They strictly adhere to the Kimberley Process, ensuring their diamonds are conflict-free. This rigorous selection process underscores Tiffany's dedication to offering only the finest diamonds, combining ethical practices with unmatched craftsmanship and aesthetic excellence.