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Bulgari White Gold Onyx Optical Illusion Spin Ring, Size M(UK)/6(US)

A very hard-to-find Bulgari spinning 'Optical Illusion Ring'.

In absolutely mint condition, this wonderful ring offers amazing value for serious lovers and collectors of Bulgari. When sold, this ring retailed at £4,000.

Size M (UK) / 6 (US). Weight = 23.94g

Stamped: Bulgari, 750 3765AL, Gold and Steel, Made in Italy. (750 is the stamp for 18k gold)

US buyers, please note there is no sales tax on this item and import tax is only 5.5%.

UK buyers can avoid 22.5% Import Tax on US jewellery items by buying from the UK.

Please see this short video of the ring spinning:

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