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Antique Victorian 1880s Enamelled Guilloche Silver Gilt Vinaigrette Necklace SG

Walking through the streets of Vienna during the twilight days of the Hapsburg Empire was a pretty stinky business.

Thankfully Samuel Goldfarb was on hand to assist wealthy ladies who wanted to mask the smells of the streets.

He produced delightful little scent lockets known as "vinaigrettes" in which a perfume soaked cotton pad was placed to delight the nostrils of anyone nearby.

This is a particularly fine example of Viennese vinaigrette. The guilloche enamel work in red is stunning! Each side features a courting couple.

The lid opens and closes with precision and the finely worked grille can be lifted to reveal the original cotton pad!

Signed 'SG' for Samue Goldfarb and 'A' for Austro-Hungary.

The diameter of the vinaigrette is 23mm.

The length of the silver chain is 18 inches.

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